Ongoing Acrisure Partnership

Acrisure Partnership

Transportation Insurance Brokers (TIB) is proud to announce our ongoing partnership with Acrisure. Acrisure is the seventh-largest insurance group and a global financial tech leader. This opportunistic partnership will help TIB elevate our services and offer more comprehensive insurance solutions to our incredible clients. We want to have the capability to give the very best to our clients, and Acrisure can provide us with the tools to do so. Here are some highlights about Acrisure and what our partnership means. 

A Little Bit About Acrisure

Acrisure has expertise in several major industries; insurance, reinsurance, real estate services, cyber services, and wealth management. They are the number one fastest-growing insurance brokerage in industry history, with over 1,000 locations globally. Acrisure develops products, tools, and risk management services to provide tailored solutions to its clients and helps them grow their business efficiently. They implement and administer intelligence-driven financial services solutions.  

Although Acrisure has locations across the globe, its clients and customers work with local advisors that offer a personable touch. Their collaborative team has helped countless clients reach their business and personal goals with innovative technology. 

Benefits to Acrisure Partnership 

TIB started in Glendale, California, and with Acrisure’s backing, we’re able to have a national presence. We can still maintain our localized specialization in passenger transportation, but with Acrisure’s help, TIB has the means and opportunity to perfect and broaden our services. Our day-to-day operations will remain relatively the same as before this partnership and continue to keep our independence.

We are thankful to carry on our family values and entrepreneurial work culture despite being part of such a large brokerage firm. Acrisure has given us access to lines of insurance that previously were unavailable to us. TIB’s partnership with Acrisure helps us continually grow, prosper, and help give our clients the best possible insurance solutions so they can also reach their goals. 

Thrive With TIB

TIB offers several options for transportation services and insurance options so our clients can be well-protected. We work tirelessly to create the very best insurance programs for our client’s specific needs, and this partnership with Acrisure allows us to tap into the expertise of their other exceptional partners that will help us deliver. TIB is passionate about building lasting relationships with our clients and aligning ourselves with those who share our values. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services or our ongoing partnership with Acrisure.