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Transportation Organizations & Memberships

As passenger transportation insurance specialists, we have established memberships and long-term relationships with some of the top national and regional transportation associations in the country.Transportation Association Logos

  • Alabama Motorcoach Association
  • American Bus Association
  • American Public Transportation Association
  • Arizona Livery Association
  • Bus Association of New York
  • California Bus Association
  • California Medical Transportation Association
  • Community Transportation Association
  • Florida Motorcoach Association (Greg Black, Board Member)
  • Georgia Limousine Association
  • Greater California Livery Association
  • Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association
  • Greater Orlando Limousine Association
  • Indiana Transportation Association
  • International Motor Coach Group
  • Long Island Limousine Association
  • Luxury Base Operators Association
  • Maryland Limousine Association
  • Maryland Motorcoach Association
  • Maryland School Bus Contractors Association
  • Minnesota Charter Bus Operators Association
  • Minnesota School Bus Operators Association
  • Motorcoach Council
  • National Limousine Association
  • New England Bus Association
  • New England Livery Association
  • North Carolina Motorcoach Association
  • Northwest Motorcoach Association
  • Pennsylvania Bus Association
  • South Central Motorcoach Association
  • Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association
  • Trailways Transportation System
  • United Motorcoach Association
  • Virginia Motorcoach Association
  • Wisconsin Motor Coach Association
  • Wisconsin School Bus Association

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