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Make a Secure Online Payment

Before making your Online Payment, please read the following:

For Financed Policies:
TIB does not accept payments on behalf of Premium Assignment Corporation (PAC). For information on making a payment to PAC, please visit their website at

For Policies in Cancellation Status:
If you have received a Notice of Cancellation for your policy(ies), Certified Funds May Be Required and we may be unable to process your payment.

TIB reserves the right to apply any amount received to the unpaid balance. Paying an insufficient amount may result in our inability to request Reinstatement of your policy(ies) to the Insurance Carrier. Additionally, requesting reinstatement does not guaranty your Insurance Carrier will reinstate the policy(ies).

To Proceed to the TIB Online Payment Portal, Please Click on one of the links below.

Click Here to Pay by Checking Account, or Discover, MasterCard or Visa

Click Here to Pay by American Express

For Assistance using either of our online payment methods, please call TIB Corporate Accounting at (800) 248-2877.

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