How Commercial Auto Liability Insurance Protects Businesses

One of the biggest threats to transportation businesses is vehicle accidents. Commercial auto liability insurance offers protection to businesses that could face steep costs resulting from repair fees or lawsuits related to vehicle accidents.

Businesses that need commercial auto liability insurance include those who use vehicles for business, use a commercial license plate, and are registered commercial. Additionally, if your employees use vehicles as part of their job, you should consider having commercial auto liability insurance.

The Breakdown: Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

Commercial auto liability insurance can come with different protections depending on what your business needs. Speak with an insurance agent to find out what policies will benefit your business the most. Here are some coverage areas typically offered with commercial auto liability insurance:

Out-of-State Travel

Did you know that commercial auto liability insurance can offer you coverage to meet the laws of the state you may be traveling to for work? Some states have laws in place that require businesses to have certain levels of coverage. If you are traveling from one state that does not require such coverage to a state that does, you may have temporary coverage through your commercial auto liability coverage. Be sure to ask your insurance agent whether your commercial auto liability insurance offers this protection.

Bodily Injury

If one of your employees is found to be at fault for causing a vehicle accident that results in the bodily harm of another party, your commercial auto liability insurance should cover the costs associated with the accident. This includes medical fees, legal fees, loss of income, funeral costs, and pain/suffering.

Property Damage Liability

This is another facet of commercial auto liability insurance. It is used to cover costs related to any property damage caused by an employee while in a work vehicle. You can expect these costs to be covered by your commercial auto liability insurance: debris removal, loss of income related to damage to a business, legal costs, damage to a building, damage to a vehicle, or costs of repairs and auto parts.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage will pay for the damage to your work vehicle from accidents unrelated to a collision. You can expect comprehensive coverage to protect your company vehicles from things like theft, weather damage, vandalism, and fire damage.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payment coverage is a policy used to cover expenses related to medical costs or funeral costs. This is usually in reference to injuries suffered by your employees in a work vehicle, regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

Liability Coverage

This insurance policy will cover the costs of damages to other people’s property if your employees are at fault for an accident in a work vehicle. This will also cover the legal fees involved in case you are sued by the injured party.

The Best Insurance Protection for Transportation Businesses

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