How To Deal With Driver Shortages

As the labor shortage continues, companies everywhere have struggled to sustain a full staff. The passenger transportation industry is no different. Finding capable and reliable drivers can be a challenge. Each company is handling the shortage differently, but here are some solutions to maintain quality drivers and find new talent. 

Why There’s A Driver Shortage

To combat the driver shortage, addressing the cause can shed some insight. One issue that can deter potential drivers is the lack of diversity. The transportation industry can be seen as a male-dominated industry, and the average age of the drivers is about 55. Some companies aren’t willing to hire younger drivers because of their lack of experience and potential employees are hesitant to even apply confidently due to their age. 

The sedentary lifestyle of drivers is also a significant deterrent. Drivers are constantly sitting down for hours on end. Living a sedentary lifestyle can be debilitating and have lasting negative effects on your health. In conjunction with a sedentary position, low wages are a contributing factor to the driver shortage. 

Solutions To Driver Shortage Issues

Understanding the problems in the industry can help make it better for employees. Here are some possible solutions.

  • Increase pay & benefits. Some companies only pay the drivers while they’re physically driving, excluding the time they take waiting on customers and taking mandatory rests. Increasing the pay and paying for the entire time they’re on the road can attract more drivers. Offering a comprehensive benefits package should become standard.
  • Improve the culture. Encouraging employees to maintain a work/life balance can foster a healthy environment. Many companies are known to harbor the sentiment of drivers working exhaustive hours and neglecting their health, so supporting healthy breaks can dismiss that notion.
  • Offer training. Some applicants might be hesitant to apply to transportation companies because they don’t have enough experience. Offering thorough training can improve confidence and broaden the age of applicants. 
  • Enhance driver safety. Incorporating safety technology into vehicles can keep drivers protected and help prevent potential accidents. Some tech options are dashcams to record any passenger liabilities and a cell phone blocker to prevent the driver from texting and driving.
  • Target outside of the norm. Most transportation companies gear their marketing towards a particular demographic but expanding the target audience to include women, younger drivers, minorities, and veterans can increase the number of applicants.
  • Ask current drivers. Current drivers have opinions on ways to improve the industry and how to make it more welcoming to new hires. Including their suggestions can help the hiring process and encourages them to communicate with each other on solutions. 

Beat The Shortage With TIB

The driver shortage is expected to grow throughout the decade continually. Using these solutions can help your business have the edge over the competition and stay ahead of the shortage. TIB Transportation Insurance Brokers is dedicated to the transportation industry. We use our years of experience to help our clients find the perfect solutions to their needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.